by: Michael Gingold
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January 16: PET SEMATARY producer enters THE MILL

Production wraps this week on THE MILL, a new horror film shooting in North Carolina, in which eight college kids face terror in the abandoned title structure. Produced by Ralph Singleton, whose credits include the Stephen King films PET SEMATARY and CONTINUED GRAVEYARD SHIFT (the latter of which also takes place in an old mill), the movie is directed by Grainger Hines from a script by Harry Welch Jr.; Duane Saylor is in charge of the special makeup FX. Robert Rainbolt, Leah Marie Parker (pictured), Austing Hines, Tiffany Leshai, Catori Swann, Austin James, Blaire Welch, Kelly Ray and David Byars star.

The movie is being filmed at a real abandoned mill, and executive producer Maxann Crotts-Harvey tells Fango that the place reportedly has some real ghosts of its own. “There are stories about a ‘haunted hand’ that has been seen in and around the mill,” she says, “as well as the neighbors stating that they have heard very weird noises coming from it at night. So a lot of people are afraid of going into the mill, or even being around it—including myself—because of the eerie things that surround it.” You can check out the official website for THE MILL here and look for more details on this site soon. —Michael Gingold




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