The Mill is a story about 8 college kids who spend the night in an abandoned textile mill and experience a night of pure horror. The biggest questions of are, is it real? ...or is it just a movie?


Who or What is doing this?...           


Who will survive,  …if any?


 Local residents residing near the Mill claim to hear screams and other sounds in the dead of night that they can't quite describe.  Just exactly WHAT is going on in that place after sunset? Is it just a bunch of teenagers looking for a place to have a good time? ...Or is it someone, or something else?...

As the party gets down and dirty, a nightmare begins to unravel for the students.  Are the haunted stories about the mill true, or is a new revenge waiting to be released in the depths and the maze of the old mill?  No one is safe and everyone is a suspect.  The only question on their minds is how to get out alive…but will they?

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