Welcome to Forever Young Productions! We are a North Carolina based film production company.   As of right now we have plenty of projects in many various stages (listed below). Please contact us if there is anything we can do for you. THANKS FOR SURFING IN!


Mermaid Treasure ( Pre- Production )

Four children spend their summer looking for a famous treasure. They follow clues that lead them, and their dog, on an exciting adventure.



Offline  (Pre- Production)

Seven of the world's best gamers are invited to play an internet murder mystery game in person on a moving train for a $1 million prize. Some find out too late that someone is playing the game for real.

Screenplays: (partial list)

-Mermaid Treasure
-Got Time to Die
-Bear Island
-Erd-Eahs: The Movie
-Senior Trip Down Under
-The Grey Pelican
-The Wedding Gift
-Ask Me Now
-Wild Dogs on Rabbit Island
-Treasure Hunt
-Back In the Saddle Again
-Roxie: Good Dog