Harry and wife Terri have almost become professional rescuers. They have built a kennel and are also converting an old barn into a house, for some of the dogs they have saved from death row. They normally have 30 - 50 dogs and have placed 100's of dogs in new homes.

When they married, Terri had an Airedale and Harry had a Saint Bernard and a Labrador Retriever. When they move to the country, their children started bringing orphaned or injured forest animals.

Terri being a nurse by education, would help with their healing until they could get back on their feet.  Than came the call that two young tigers need a temporary home. This temporary arrangement lasted almost 15 years. This started a foster care program that included dozens of tigers, jaguars, leopards, cervals, and a host of other exotic young. Terri would feed and take care of the young. Harry would feed and take care of the older ones. Terri would give tours to different school classes for their field trips.

Terri and Harry ask for everyone to please spay and neuter your pets. Learn more about All Dogs Great and Small Rescue.

Set 7 World Records in the "Guinness Book of World Records." Some include:

  1. 1.) Record was 715 push-ups on finger tips.
  2. 2.) Record was 3,821 push-ups on one arm.
  3. 3.) Record was 100 push-ups on one-finger.

One of Harry's regrets is that he did not take up martial arts sooner (40yrs old).

'It was great exercise-I had never been that loose in my life.' says Harry

Harry did not spar until he had gotten his 3rd, belt believing he was too old to compete. Harry then went undefeated in 200 matches, winning a gold metal in the NC State Games.

Harry has been a NRA firearms instructor for over 35 years. He is rated as a Fire Arm Training Counselor, which enables him to train others trying to get their instructor's rating. Harry has taught hundreds of civilians, military, and law enforcement officers in the tactical use of firearms and CCW classes. 

He is recognized as an expert firearms witness by the North Carolina Supreme Court.

He gives women's self-defense seminars

He has taught the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Course, in numerous elementary schools. This course is considers by most governors to be the best deterrent to firearm accident among children.

Harry's lessons & knowledge has come from instructors like: